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PrisonBreak: Paul and Silas Worship edition.

Updated: Sep 10, 2018


Our Worship is powerful. I don’t believe I can make that statement any more clearer than it already is.

I’ll elaborate.

We were created to worship. Yes.

But do we really understand the power of our worship? The power of our praise? My sister in Christ, Joy, once told me in conversation that the enemy isn’t shaken by our prayers, but our WORSHIP. And she is absolutely right!

Our worship is a powerful weapon that can open doors that were once closed, close doors, break our chains, break the chains of others, and FRIGHTEN THE ENEMY.

Worship brings confusion into the camp of the enemy. It literally sends them scattering. Have you ever seen roaches scatter when the light has been turned on? Just picture that being the enemy and his minions when we worship.

Worship brings healing.

Worship brings restoration.

Worship brings breakthrough.

Worship brings revelation.

Worship brings deliverance.

Worship brings freedom.

Besides praying, worship & praise should be the FIRST thing we do as a result of our undesirable circumstances. It should be the first thing we turn to, the first thing we act on.

Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah, prayed to God when he got word that three huge armies had formed alliance against Judah. Now, homeboy knew that his little army was no match for those kingdoms, but instead of panicking or worrying, getting upset or sinning, he prayed and cried unto God. When the priest, Jahaziel, prophesied to Jehoshaphat and told him that God had heard his prayers, what then did he do? The Bible said King Jehoshaphat got on his knees and worshiped. The following day, the King instructed the choir to go in front of their army and sing, praise & worship. They were thanking God in advance for the victory He had promised the day before!

When they started singing and praising God, God set ambush on their enemies and they started fighting themselves! (2 Chronicles 20:2-23). How you win a war without fighting, bruh?? WORSHIP.

Another example, one of my favorite events in the Bible, is the story of Paul and Silas. (Acts 16:16-28)

So basically, Paul and Silas were thrown into prison because there was a women who had a spirit that allowed her to predict the future and her owners made a lot of money off of her from fortunetelling. She followed Paul and Silas around for many days yelling that they were servants of the Most high God, which was true, but the Bible said that Paul got so annoyed (imagine), that he turned around and said to the spirit in the woman, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” The spirit, of course, left and in result the owners of the lady were upset, reported Paul and Silas, they were stripped and beaten and then thrown into prison. The Bible said the jailer was commanded to guard them carefully and of course after hearing that, the jailer thought it would be in his best interest to go ahead and fasten their feet to stocks, or wood.

Now they could have done many things as a result of their current situation, but the Bible tells us that instead, they prayed and worshiped, singing hymns to God, AND the other prisoners were listening. That’s when the foundation of the prison was shaken and the prison doors flew open!! WOW! But that wasn’t it, not only were the prison doors open, THE CHAINS OF EVERY PRISONER FELL OFF!! So powerful, that the worship of two men can set the captives free. (I will get into this whole story in another blog because it's just too powerful!)

There are many more examples in the Bible that describe the power of our worship, in fact, I could go on for pages! But the most important thing to remember is that worship is a very powerful weapon and a declaration as well.

When we worship, we confirm the truth of God’s word, we stand confidently and BOLDLY, knowing that our God truly reigns. Our worship is like fire, it’s not a punch or kick, but a full-on ATTACK. It’s authority. It is explosive. It’s glorification and exaltation to the only one King. Adoration and exhortation to the only one God. When we worship, we are telling God, none of us and ALL of you. When that happens, GOD MOVES!

Worship isn’t an option as child of God. It’s not something you can skip doing. In fact, the Bible tells us that God is actually seeking worshipers, TRUE worshipers, "But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him." John 4:23. There’s no skipping this one. God loves our worship, He loves to be worshiped. Psalms 22:3 says that God dwells on our praise, our worship. That is mighty.

Here’s something to think about: Worship cannot be learned. It is a spontaneous outbreak—the act of a heart that’s been overwhelmed by a revelation of God’s Glory and His incredible love for us. God’s Glory will cause us to be worshipers and to worship in Truth and in Spirit. When Moses saw the revelation of God’s Glory in Exodus 34, he fell to his knees and worshiped. He was overwhelmed. He saw how patient, caring, loving, gracious, forgiving, good and merciful God was and just couldn’t help but to worship. This is our foundation.

There is so much to be said about the act of worship.

But my prayer is that as our relationship with Christ deepens this year, may our walk with God be more intimate. Moses asked God to show him His Glory, may we make that same declaration and watch as God transforms our lives. I pray that worship becomes a lifestyle for us and whether spontaneous, planned, with others or by ourselves, may our worship be always in Truth and in Spirit.

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