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Break out of the box.

There’s a lot of things that kept me boxed up.

One of those things was fear.

Fear of man. Fear of failure.


Am I actually good enough? Am I Talented enough?

Am I smart enough? Am I even enough?

The opinions of others.

Crippled by what others may think. 

Remaining stagnant, waiting on the approval of others before I make a move.

What would they say? What would they think of me?

These are thoughts that paralyze many of us into sticking to this one small box. 

But we must have forgotten who we are and Who we serve.

We play ourselves like jokers but we have a whole King in our deck.

If God is truly the giver of every good and perfect gift, what makes us think that our lack of faith in ourselves will change that good gift in which He has already endowed us with?

Who God is doesn’t change, even if we do. And what He has given us requires action.

So move.

Break out of that box.

So for my creatives. Remember.

Do it for the Glory of God and His glory alone.

It doesn’t have to make sense to you now,

It doesn’t have to make sense to anybody.

But just trust the vision.

Trust the ultimate Creator.

Don’t limit yourself to a box that was created by man when He created the whole world.

For we are God’s masterpiece, created to create and master His peace.

Peace that is often imitated but that can never be duplicated because it is given freely   by the Prince of Peace Himself.

And since we are His image bearers, we ought to bear it fully. Boldly.

So let that peace that passes all understanding guard, guide, and gear you into the fulfillment of the vision.

And as you move, break out of that box.

Because Jesus most certainly did.

Miracle Sam-Ekhator

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Loved this so much! Thank you!

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